Hello to you al of you out there….

The moment of truth has arrived…we are really proud to present you the CMS 2013 Aftermovie of our first ever European Tour; we hope you will like it!


And at this moment in time, we are already working hard on the 2014 edition of the CMS 2014 European tour that will be named THE SECOND COMING!
Our telephones and computers are doing overtime, just to make sure that the forthcoming edition will be a blast!
Together with our partner Höfner, we will come up with the Guitar and Violin competition for those who have the skills and talent to make it to the stage of the new tour. We will announce the start of this competition in the coming weeks. We especially would like to invite violinplayers with a true talent and great performanceskills (male and female!!) to enter this competition. We do support great talents….
We will keep you updated via this website and Facebook, so…. follow us and like us, but most of all….come and see us when THE SECOND COMING! is hitting a place near you!!
We looking forward to see you somewhere on the road!!  



CMS 2013 EUROPE The AfterMovie...

Just in case